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New Book Contract

This past May 2022 I signed a contract with Cambridge University Press for the publication of my monograph entitled "Mobilizing at the Urban Margins: Citizenship and Patronage Politics in Post-Dictatorial Chile".

Here is a summary of the book:

Based on over six years of fieldwork in Santiago’s excluded urban areas, this book features the compelling story of two underprivileged neighborhoods that were on almost identical development paths before Chile’s democratic transition. Both neighborhoods are located in similar urban settings and have comparable economic and demographic profiles. They emerged in the same circumstances and share very similar histories of dictatorial repression and collective action. Yet, upon Chile’s return to democracy, their paths diverged dramatically. Whereas one of the neighbourhoods has been the site of sustained mobilization over the past 35 years, the other became depoliticized and was deactivated. Mobilizing at the Urban Margins compares these two communities in a bid to assess how and why the urban underprivileged sustain mobilization in the face of great adversity This book provides a window into the ways in which the urban underprivileged historicize and politicize their lives. It develops the concept of mobilizational citizenship to examine a novel and self-produced form of political incorporation at the urban margins. In doing so, it investigates the prospects of poor people’s movements in Latin America today.

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